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Technology: Instruments and Software

INAF-OABo is involved in the development of advanced instrumentation for optical-infrared telescopes, including the 4-meter class Telescopio Nazionale Galileo, the 8-meter class Very Large Telescope and Large Binocular Telescope and the future 39-meter European Extremely Large Telescope.
The technological competences and expertise available at INAF-OABo include optical design, systems engineering, development of opto-electronics sensors, design and development of adaptive optics systems, control software design and development, instruments integration and verification, astronomical site testing.
The development of instrumentation benefits from a close collaboration between technological and scientific components of the personnel.
Software packages have also been developed for the analysis of scientific data, designed for different observational applications and wavelength ranges; these packages are made available to the community.


The involvement of INAF-OABo in instrument and software development projects is described in the following sections.

Links to Instruments sections

GIANO (near infrared echelle spectrograph for TNG)

MOONS (multi object optical and near-infrared spectrograph for VLT)

LBT Instrumentation (LINC-NIRVANA, Infrared Test Camera)

MAORY (multi-conjugate adaptive optics module for E-ELT)

HIRES (high resolution spectrograph for E-ELT)

Links to Software sections

Starfinder (analysis of stellar field images, optimised for adaptive optics)

DAOSPEC (analysis of stellar spectra)

XMM-CDFS simulator (general purpose multi-mission X-ray simulator)

cdfs-extract (analysis of XMM-Newton observations)