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December 19, 2018, 5:17 pm
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Stellar Astrophysics / Resolved Stellar Populations

OAB astronomers are involved in studies of stellar populations and galactic evolution and their cosmological implications; this is a very active research field at the OAB since its foundation. The interests range from the evolution of galaxies, to Galactic and extragalactic star clusters, from chemical evolution to variable stars.These studies are based on an intensive use of the most advanced ground-based and space instruments available today at all wavelengths. Comparison to theoretical models is intensively used to derive the physical properties and the evolution of the structure analyzed.

Our research is carried out in collaboration with many international and national institutes and, locally, with the Universita’ di Bologna, Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia.

Senior researchers: M. Bellazzini, A. Bragaglia, A. Buzzoni, C. Cacciari, F. Calura, E. Carretta, G. Clementini, L. Federici, F. Fusi Pecci, P. Montegriffo, L. Origlia, E. Pancino, D. Romano. M. Tosi.


The star-forming galaxy NGC1705, lying at 5 Mpc from our Galaxy, imaged with HST

High Resolution K band image of the massive globular cluster Terzan 5, obtained with the Multi Conjugate Adaptive Optics system MAD@VLT.





Projects and Databases


Gaia-ESO Survey

NIR properties of Galactic Globular Clusters

Revised Bologna Catalog of M31 Globular Clusters

HST photometry of M31 Globular Clusters

Structure of isolated dwarfs

BOCCE: the Bologna Open Clusters Chemical Evolution project

Multiple populations in Globular Clusters: the Na-O FLAMES survey

Alberto Buzzoni’s population synthesis models

the SECCO survey